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Feelingstream helps large service companies improve customer experience.

We analyze conversations with your customers in real time, be those emails, chats or feedback comments.

Reacting to customer questions fast and with right answer increases engagement and keeps customers returning.


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Evaluate text with machine learning models and automatically get text content!

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Products we’re currently working on

Customer Feedback Analyser

With Feelingstream’s Customer Feedback Analyser companies know what customers replied to survey textual answers. The most valuable data – free text – is analyzed fast and precisely

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Smart Message Router

Feelingstream’s Smart Message Router enables companies to manage the customer requests queue in Contact/Call Centers and route high critical emails or messages to right place based on content not by arrival time

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Intelligent Auto Reply

Intelligent Auto Reply Generates a response with customized acknowledgment and content-driven automatic self-service advice. These answers can lead customers to find solutions your website until your highly skilled Agents deal with the previous case

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The new General Data Protection Regulation requires proper handling of personalized data. Feelingstream data anonymisation solution mitigates risks anonymising the textual data that cannot be re-identified on a personal level

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Feelingstream labelling solution provides the convenient solution for training data labelling, multi opinion capture, comparison and inadequate data discovery

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Decision Model Builder

Proper and accurate decision model development requires specific data, cleaning, and training of it. Business targets require having specific decisions for the business case. All this is executed based on Feelingstream Decision Model Builder for textual models. Easy and simple, No coding skills required

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Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Feelingstream’s Virtual Assistant works in websites 24/7 and answers your customer’s request. To serve customers your chatbot has to be intelligent.

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Analysing text from your customers gives you more information about them. You can catch those who give high scores but share negative comments. And vice versa.


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