Happy customers.
Less churn.
More profit.

FeelingStream helps large service companies improve customer experience. We analyze your customer messages, be those emails or feedback comments. Reacting to customer opinion improves closing new sales and avoids them leaving.

I want to know more!

Cut churn

Your customers stay with you,
because you have listened to them.

Increase happiness

You can make targeted decisions analysing how customers interact with you.

Generate more profit

Loyal customers stay, generate revenue
and speak good things about you.

In general, companies serve customers with first-in-first-out principle: important emails are waiting in queue. This is a risk to the company. It means business-critical issues are waiting & customer experience isn’t improving.

We in FeelingStream will help you deal with it. We solve it.

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Products we’re currently working on

  • Feedback Index

  • Smart Router

  • Customized Reply

Our hardworking team

Terje Ennomäe

Chief Feeling Officer, MBA in Social Sciences in European Studies

15 years experience in sales and customer relationship management, currently Head of Customer Experience in an international commercial bank 

Lauri Ilison

Chief Feeling Scientist, PhD in Physics

15 years experience in business development for banking and IT industry, Big Data and machine learning expert


Mervi Sepp

Chief Feeling Engineer, PhD in Physics

Long-term experience in business analytics and data intelligence, studied biophysics modeling energy transfer in heart cells

Mikhail Iljin

Chief Feeling AI Architect, Big Data expert

7 years background in ICT developments in mission critical systems for digital signature, contact centres, big data and machine learning

Maarit Cimolonskas

Chief Feeling Editor, MA in Communication

8 years experience in media and communications, passionate about community engagement


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