Happy customers.
Less churn.
More profit.

FeelingStream helps large service companies improve customer experience.

We analyze your customer messages, be those emails or feedback comments. Reacting to customer opinion improves closing new sales and avoids them leaving.

Products we’re currently working on

Net Promoter Score (NPS) Text Analyser

With Feelingstream’s solution companies know what customers wrote in survey textual answers. The most valuable data – free text – is analyzed fast and precisely

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Smart Router

Feelingstream’s solution enables companies to manage the customer requests queue in Contact / Call Centers and route emails to right people based on email content not by arrival time

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Fast Tracker

Feelingstream’s solution enables Contact Center Agents to know which emails are more important then others. Companies define the rules and Feelingstream executed those for lightning fast handling.

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Internal Quality Monitoring

Together with Feelingstream solution your employees learn what and how to answer your customer’s inquiry so that it would be enjoyable for customers and leads for bigger loyal customers database

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Personalized Auto Replies to Emails

Feelingstream’s solution enables companies to personalize automatic replies for customer text messages. These answers can lead customers to find solutions your website until your highly skilled Agents deal with previous case

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Sales Opportunity Detector

With Feelingstream’s solution picks up these emails which consist sales opportunity for the company. The faster the company react for sales opportunities the higher is the winning chance

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Our Customers

Our Supporters


Terje Ennomäe

Chief Feeling Officer, MBA in Social Sciences in European Studies

15 years experience in sales and customer relationship management. Experience in service design and customer engagement

Lauri Ilison

Chief Feeling Architect, PhD in Physics

15 years experience in business development for banking and IT industry, Big Data and machine learning expert


Mervi Sepp

Chief Feeling Scientist, PhD in Physics

Long-term experience in business analytics and data intelligence, studied biophysics modeling energy transfer in heart cells

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Chief Feeling Data Scientist

Do you love data?

Join our team! We like startup minded and smart people!

Apply: terje (at) feelingstream.com

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Chief Feeling Business Developer

Do you love creating a new intelligent solution for customer?

Join our team! We like startup minded and smart people!

Apply: terje (at) feelingstream.com

Open position!

Chief Feeling Developer

Can Python? Full stack developer?

Join our team! We like startup minded and smart people!

Apply: terje (at) feelingstream.com

Employee happiness leads to customer satisfaction

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A key question in today’s competitive world is employee happiness. It drives the business, performance and the sales results in a customer oriented companies. There is a direct relation between motivated employees and customer satisfaction. [...]

Dedicated analyst and IT-professional on board. Welcome, Risto!

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Feelingstream is feeling very excited! We are happy to announce that Risto Hinno has joined our team. Finally! We have been waiting for you, Risto! Risto is an analyst, developer and programmer whose job is [...]

Feelings from Feelingstream team members

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We at Feelingstream are proud to announce that our team have successfully completed our production environment pilot with Nordea Finland. As a result, we are stepping into a long term partnership with them (We also wrote [...]

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